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Excelsior Bedding Bundle (40 Pack)

Sale price $79.95 Regular price $85.95
  • 🐔BUY BULK and SAVE The Excelsior chicken nesting box pad 40 pack is a great value for those with a large flock
  • 🐔 PERFECT LINERS FOR YOUR NESTING BOXES: These nesting pads are ideal of any sized nesting box
  • 🐔 KEEPS EGGS CLEAN AND DRY: Nesting material absorbs moisture keeping eggs fresh and insulated
  • 🐔 PAPER BACKING CREATES EASY CLEAN UP: Skip the hassle of cleaning up shavings and dirty messes
  • 🐔 MADE AND SOURCED IN THE USA: Aspen Excelsior nesting pads are proudly manufactured in the USA

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